Experience, competence, stability, quality and respect of your budget

At Donald Provost Construction, our work is based on integrity: we rigorously and meticulously respect the regulations governing safety and construction quality. Our success is built not only on our qualifications and considerable construction experience, but also our capacity, willingness and ability to stay within your budget – yet guarantee high-quality product. How do we do it? Part of the secret is that we use our own framers, carpenters and cabinetmakers. Several have been with us for many years, and all of them work to guarantee the success of your project.

Our prime motivation, which we share with our team, suppliers and subcontractors, is to deliver the highest possible quality on budget and on time.

That's why our clients keep coming back to us. And that's something we're very proud of.

Our story

From father to son… plus suitable training

Donald Provost trained as a cabinetmaker, and has experience building high end doors, windows and furniture. He started his career working for his father, who was a farmer and builder.

In the early 90s, he began working as a carpenter for Mont Tremblant, bringing deficient jobs up to scratch. It wasn't long, though, before his entrepreneurial side took over, and he was signing framing contracts and slowly beginning to specialise in exterior cladding and interior finishing for various hotel and condominium projects in the area.

Because the area was expanding so rapidly and good workers were hard to find, Donald picked up a lot of experience and, buoyed by the quality of his work and his integrity, gradually built his reputation and his team,

Today, Donald is known not only as an excellent general contract, but also and above all as a veteran framer, carpenter and cabinetmaker who leads an experienced, respected team of professionals whose byword is quality.

The team

Our fantastic team is our defining strength


We are happy with our success, which we know stems in large part from the fact that the excellence of our work is beyond what our competitors are capable of delivering. Our team comprises highly qualified, skilled workers who respond positively to our insistence that each team-member personally dedicate themselves to being part of the solution. They are competent, loyal and dedicated. And yes, we're proud of that.